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Rural Canterbury

Property Management Services

We are able to assist you to establish a complete management service for a property using our established network of advisors and consultants. This management service may include creating a network for you which:

  • identifies and appoints a farm (ranch) manager
  •  oversees farm cash flows and associated financial reporting systems
  • liaises with Government Departments in New Zealand including the Department of Conservation (DOC), Land Information New Zealand (LINZ), local Councils and other regulatory bodies
  • obtains the necessary permits and consents to establish new farming activities such as water rights or a game ranch / safari hunting park
  • co-ordinates and oversees the establishment of lakes, ponds and wetlands
  • sources farm stock and recreational game and fish
  • enhances birdlife and controls predators such as wild cats and stoats
  • identifies cashflow diversification options including forestry, carbon farming, big game hunting, outdoor recreation and alternative / complimentary land uses.

We can be the sole point of contact for all matters relating to the property if the client requires simplicity whilst requiring accountability.

It is very important that the correct legal structures are established at the outset and are maintained in accordance with New Zealand laws and regulations. Local and international taxation considerations can require specialist advice.

Immigration & Permanent Residency

New Zealand is a safe and friendly country to either visit or live. There is very little poverty. New Zealand has State (and private) funded education and welfare systems. The ownership of handguns is very strictly controlled.

Most overseas persons are able to visit New Zealand for up to 3 months each year. No visa is required for citizens of America. Most visas can be extended to give a total of 9 months in an 18 month period. Persons of good character with appropriate skills and / or investments in New Zealand can become permanent residents.

Persons with a criminal / drugs record will not be permitted to invest / reside in New Zealand. This important policy protects New Zealand and those who choose to make her their home.

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