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Rural Canterbury

We can assist New Zealanders to promote the sale of their properties internationally. We are also able to introduce both local and international investors for joint venture / equity partnership purposes.

We take great satisfaction and pride in helping to locate an investor's ultimate property, create joint ventures which stand up to the test of time, create wealth for the investor/partner, increase production and generate foreign exchange earnings for New Zealand through increased exports and tourism related services.

Whether you are seeking an equity partner, wish to undertake a land related transaction or apply for permanent residency, we can help you. Our service can include taking a prospective purchaser / investor on a tour of New Zealand to look over property related opportunities including properties owned by our clients.

John Angland's background

John was admitted as a Barrister and Solicitor of the High Court of New Zealand in 1985 and is the principal property advisor for the firm. He has owned and operated his legal business since 1992. He knows the New Zealand business, property, investment and recreational environment intimately and has the experience to help you locate, sell or enhance a property using his well established local and international networks.

John specialises in medium to large farms/high country stations (ranches) which have farming, tourism and recreational development potential. He communicates and works in with many NZ and international real estate agents to ensure his clients have access to a wide array of resources.

Up until 2020 he was a co-owner of a 25,000 acre (10,000 hectare) high country station in the South Island of New Zealand which farms cattle, sheep and deer (10,000 stock units). John is a keen fisherman, bird shooter and big game hunter. He has travelled extensively throughout the world and has attended many international outdoor sporting conventions over the years.


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